A Delicious Way to Discover the World – SnackCrate

SnackCrate is a monthly subscription box of snacks and treats from around the world. Each month you receive a box from a different country. You will never get the same item twice!

Each box comes with a pamphlet with some information about the country, and a description of each item in your box.



I have been subscribed to SnackCrate for a few months now, but this is the first time I ordered the largest size. One of the best things about SnackCrate is that there is no commitment; you can cancel any time, and upgrade or downgrade boxes any month you wish. When you sign up, you get a personalized referral link that other subscribers can use when they sign up. You will get $10 in free snacks every time someone uses your referral link!

Boxes range in price from $14 to $49 (each size also offers a $6 drink upgrade which I have not yet tried) If you are interested in trying SnackCrate for yourself, click HERE to visit the website. This will direct you to my referral link, and you will get a discount on your first box!


This month I received the Israel box. There were tons of awesome snacks inside! Many were what you would expect by the description: Hazelnut filled wafers, airy wafer filled chocolate pillows, wheat based savory snacks in many flavors, and chocolate bars that can only be described as AH-MAZE-ING.


Of course, there were LOTS of unique snacks as well. Things that were truly surprising!

Klik XL

I’ll start with one of the more mainstream items in this box. This chocolate bar resembles a Crunch bar; milk chocolate filled with crispy cereal. What I found unique about this chocolate bar was the way it looks. Just look at those bubbles! Super cool!



Bamba (Strawberry Flavored Snack)

This snack was surprisingly awesome. The best way I can describe Kix cereal in a strawberry flavored coating. They are pretty awesome, and I must admit, I ate them all already… they were just that good.



Bamba (Peanut Flavored Snack)

Okay, now it starts getting weird. This was the second Bamba snack in this box, and it was… confusing? Imagine a cheese puff, but instead of cheese powder, it’s covered in a peanut butter flavored powder. I won’t lie, they tasted really good! However, when the texture makes you expect something cheesy, but instead you get something slightly sweet and peanut-butter-y, it’s trippy to say the least.

(Can we also just appreciate the big sticker on the front saying this snack is “Gluten free for Passover.” It’s fun to see the little touches of Israel!)


Achva Sesame Halva

This. Was. Horrid… Where do I start? This was the only snack I truly didn’t like in the box. It was an indescribable kind of awful. It tasted like dirt, mixed with herbs and spices, mixed with maybe two drops of vanilla (if that). It had a soft, crumbly texture and a taste that I hope I never encounter again. The thought of it is honestly making me sick to my stomach.

I’ll be honest, I actually enjoy getting something I hate once in a while. It makes you truly wonder “Why on earth do people over there like this stuff?!”


Elite Cow Chocolate

Alright, back to the good stuff. This chocolate was surprisingly great. I really wish I hadn’t read the description before trying it, simply because it would have been a cool surprise! This chocolate bar has pop rocks in it! Super weird, but after trying it, I wonder why Hershey’s isn’t getting in on this action.


Elite Shtix

Another pop rocks filled chocolate! Made by the same company as the Cow Chocolate, it makes sense they they would also give this chocolate the same fun twist. Just look at the adorable packaging! About the size of a Kit Kat, these little chocolates are filled with what I believe is a milk flavored cream filling, and of course, even more pop rocks!  So fun. So sweet. So poppy!


Thanks for reading my SnackCrate review! There were so many more items in the box than just these few, but I think I picked the most fun ones to show you. Again, if you’re interested in trying SnackCrate for yourself, click HERE to order your first box! I believe they give you a few countries to choose from for your first box, and every SnackCrate country after that is a surprise!

I can’t wait to get next month’s box! I’ll most likely do another blog post showing what I get in March!

Thanks for visiting my blog, Beautifully Average Life. I hope you’ll consider following to see future blog posts!

Have a lovely day!




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