LUSH Review – Mint Julips and Celebrate Lotion

I absolutely love LUSH products! There’s something for everyone! the LUSH company is cruelty free, and they focuses on using as little packaging as possible by leaving many products such as soaps, bath bombs, shampoo bars, and many others unwraped. they also encourage returning their containers for re-purposing.

As a fun touch, every packaged product at LUSH has a sticker with a little avatar and the name of who made that product.

Today I’m going to review two products that I have been using this year. Mint Julips lip scrub and Celebrate Hand and Body Lotion. I apologize for the very poor image quality.

Mint Julips


This lip scrub is amazing! It smells (and tastes) almost like a mocha-mint. Even though its a small tub, it lasts forever! I’ve been using it on average once a week for a whole year and its still not empty!

It can be a little messy as it is a loose scrub, but it works very well at getting rid of dry skin and keeping your lips soft. I suggest applying a lip balm after using.

This lip scrub (and other flavors) are still available at LUSH.

Overall, I would give Mint Julips a 9/10


Celebrate Hand and Body Lotion


Okay, this lotion smells like citrus heaven. I’m obsessed with citrus, and the first time I smelled this lotion, I almost died of happiness. The scent has great staying power, and I can still smell it hours after applying.

I’m super picky with lotions. I don’t like my lotions to be greasy, and I like them to absorb quickly so they don’t leave your skin feeling tacky. This lotion isn’t too bad, but it is a little on the oily side. It absorbs quickly, but it does leave a little bit of a greasy feel on the skin.

I don’t believe this lotion is still available on the LUSH website, but they have others that have the same base ingredients.

Overall, I give Celebrate Lotion a 7/10.


Thanks for reading my short review of these two LUSH products! Follow my blog for more reviews, DIYs, and other everyday things!



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