The Christmas Farm Inn

There are tons of reasons why you might need a vacation. Special occasions, stress, just because you can…Well, if you’re an average girl like me, you might not be able to afford some glitzy hotel in Hawaii. I get it, but that’s no reason you can’t have an amazing relaxing get away.

I’m personally a homebody. I don’t get away much, and I’m just fine with that. When I do leave town, however, I like to keep things kind of low-key. Its a vacation after all! One of my favorite places I’ve ever been is where my husband and I went on our honeymoon,  The Christmas Farm Inn in Jackson, New Hampshire.

There are lots of options to this place, which I love. Many different cabins (perfect for families), a main inn, and the Carriage House. We stayed in the Carriage House building both times we visited. It has three levels, a large central sitting area with a huge fire place and deck, and a spa on the lower level (ahh-mazing!). It has 12 rooms all named after the Twelve Days of Christmas… How cute is that?!

Each room has a little living room type sitting area with a fireplace right off of the bedroom, and a small private deck. There are so many beautiful mountains in New Hampshire!

Each room also has a bathroom with a large Jacuzzi bathtub! So relaxing! perfect for after a massage at the spa!


In the Main Inn building there is a restaurant and a pub. The food is a little pricey, but it tastes so amazing. It’s like a home-cooked meal! And of course, you get a free breakfast every morning you stay, which is fantastic.


Jackson is also very close to North Conway, NH which has lots of great shopping locations, a movie theater, ect… Lots of fun stuff to do!

So if you ever are in the NH area and want to have a low-key vacation, The Christmas Farm Inn is great! I suggest looking into their romance package with free spa treatments for you and your other half. Visit


So this was my short review, I hope you enjoyed!


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